July 25th!?!  My last post was 3 months ago?


Apologies.  Can we move past this?  Have you given up on me?  Oh lord, I wouldnt bame you if you replaced me something like, 11 weeks ago!

But, since you’re here, can we still be friends?


So, recap, life has definitely been happening to me and mine these past months.

*deep breath*

Wheat harvest, canning, school, job changes, experiments, much-needed rain, the list goes on.

I’ll write more soon, but I wanted to assure you all that I have not forgotten you and I will be here in finer form now!

Love yas!

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Super Simple Summer Smoothiesicles

Ah, summertime.

Isn’t this what its all about, for a little boy?

Get a dirt moustache and eat popsicles?

Methinks definitely, yes. Continue reading

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I’m on a diet

I’ve been trying to lose a little weight. You know be healthier and gain more energy and all that kind of stuff.


Its not working. I mean how could it? with individuals bringing in cookies the size of frisbees. Seriously! Look at this cookie.

I mean its almost the size of her head! Thats not me by the way. Its my coworker and friend (That is until she sees that I used a picture she wasnt thrilled with).

Yes she has two of those huge cookies. She’s one of those individuals that can eat pretty much anything and not gain weight.

Why do I like her again? Oh thats right, its because I live and eat vicariously through her!

I really just wanted to prove how hard it is to eat only your lunch at a doctors office.

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My new favorite potluck dish

Wow, what an exciting title for this post.

So sorry for the recent absence.  Apparently I have a habit of juggling too many irons.  It goes well for a while, then 2 or 3 fall.

I’m back to a short period of successful juggling!

So, time is a premium for me these days, which is where this incredialicious recipe comes in! Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Smaller One!

My baby is 7 years old today. Continue reading

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