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July 25th!?!  My last post was 3 months ago? Ahhhh! Apologies.  Can we move past this?  Have you given up on me?  Oh lord, I wouldnt bame you if you replaced me something like, 11 weeks ago! But, since you’re … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

FYI-  This is not a chicken. This is Charlie, a pelican of some sort. He lives in Oceanside, tricking tourists out of their bait fish. It’s a good life, and Charlie wants for little.

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Gratuitous Kid Picture

Because I can. We’ve been hiking quite a bit lately.  I am trying to use up as much of this good weather while I can.  Big chunks of the US are just being pummeled by bad weather—so far all we’ve … Continue reading

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And now a message from our sponsor…

BamBam says: Begatables are an imbortant part of dinner.  Carrots make you grow big, Big, BIG, SUPERBIG until you are all growd up to the sky.  Like me.  I’m gonna be a ninja when me am all growd up. Big … Continue reading

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Poultry Shows, According to BamBam

In case you are wondering, BamBam is crowing at the rooster(s). Just what the poultry show needed:  another crower. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the Arizona Poultry Show at the state fair grounds.  It was … Continue reading

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