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Dear Universe: To whom it may concern–I just found my camera!!!  CELEBRATE MY PEEPS!   (normal posting shall resume tomorrow!!) Advertisements

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Mmmm….nummers. I am sorry for being absent yesterday, we’ve been terribly busy here in the Laree household.  So much is getting done that nothing seems to be getting done.  If that makes sense. ManBeef and I are starting the process … Continue reading

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Multitasking: A definition by Sparkles

When your horses can walk in two different directions while you stand on their backs. AND smile while you’re doing it.

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Why is it…

Why is it everyone seems to think I have all this free time on my hands? Like I have long stretches of idleness wherein I can cater to everyone’s whims, do their laundry, make them snacks, clean up other peoples’ … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To You…

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday tooooo yooooooou! Happy Birthday, Dear Arizona. Happy Birthday, to you! (In case you are wondering where my super-mushy Singles Awareness Day Post is:  there isn’t one.  Today is Arizona’s Centennial.  100 years of extreme … Continue reading

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