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Beach Babies

This summer, Laree and Family traveled to the beach—A fun experience as BamBam was old enough to remember the experience, and Chatterbox was old enough to have fun instead of being terrified of the waves. I was going to save these … Continue reading

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SQUIRREL! part duex

Squirrel! or (probably more accurately) Chipmunk! I actually took this picture the same day I took the picture of Squirrel Contemplating the Universe. I just didn’t think anyone would belive me— who knew Northern Arizona was filled with meditating rodents?

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I need me one of these:

Me thinks I need me one of these in the backyard. The boys could use it as a play car, a tree fort, and a jungle gym.  I could even hang a swing underneath it! …It would be like the … Continue reading

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Out of context

Perhaps you’ve noticed, but I take a large number of pictures. When I travel, I take even more. Yes…I know, it’s a sickness.

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The Rim, in the daytime

Here’s what yesterday’s squirrel was staring at. Me thinks he’s living the life I should be living.

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