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Oven Pancakes

Time for a little German in your breakfast, jah? I have to tell you, I loathe breakfast. I don’t know if it’s because I hated the smell of eggs when I was young, the fact that 99% of the time … Continue reading

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There might be something to this…

    I’ve always avoided any and all “pepper” jellies.  Yuck!  But, over Thanksgiving, my heart was changed.  There might just be something to this whole, spicy jelly thing.  

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Because I Have Issues….

Did you know, when you use the blue salt in bread, with an egg, it turns it slightly green? Not BRILLIANT green, mind you, but juuuuuust enough for me to want to dye our daily bread some funky-monkey colors? I think … Continue reading

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I’m kind of pathetically obsessed with Greece.  No, not grease, altho you can’t cook many good-tasting things without it. Greece.  The small, island country by Turkey and Italy.

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Banana-cranberry… Scruffits?

You know how sometimes the stars align and nothing goes your way? Have you ever noticed when you are sick, the gravitational pull of your snot-filled head makes this astrological  phenomenon two or three times stronger? And if everyone in … Continue reading

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