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July 25th!?!  My last post was 3 months ago? Ahhhh! Apologies.  Can we move past this?  Have you given up on me?  Oh lord, I wouldnt bame you if you replaced me something like, 11 weeks ago! But, since you’re … Continue reading

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Meet Mahngo

Meet Mahngo.  Mahngo likes his menudo.  Mahngo lives with us sometimes.  During wildfire season, he runs the fire-retardant-making bases.  I am sure there is a cooler name for that: Air-tanker Base Manager?  I dunno.  He has some cool (but scary) pictures of … Continue reading

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Unsupervied, part duex

One of ManBeef’s caveats for processing the turkeys for Thanksgiving was that he got to deep-fry one of the birds himself.  Rock on, Dudicles.  It is all you. I said, “Sure, but you need to do it in the front yard, with the … Continue reading

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