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Hi, Folks!

Hello folks! Remember me? The rumors of my unfortunate and untimely demise were much exaggerated. I am sorry for being absent and neglecting my duties at The Henway.  It’s no excuse for abandoning you all, but life got very, very … Continue reading

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An Ent tree.

I love J.R. Tolkein. I’ve always been fascinated with his stories that take you into that imaginary world of middle earth, Hobbits and elves. If you dont know what an Ent tree is by definition Ents are a race of beings … Continue reading

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Trash N’ Treasures

We live on an old farm. Old farms come with a lot of hidden treasures and long stories. I will now give you an example of each of these… a long story and hidden treasure I mean.

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Bloomin’ Blessings

The wild plum is in bloom. It smells like heaven for about 8 days, then the flowers fade and it grows the nastiest-tasting fruit I’ve EVER experienced. Of course, I’ve never had durian.  If I had tasted durian I might … Continue reading

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A different drum…

The Smaller One marches to his own beat.

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