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I’m on a diet

I’ve been trying to lose a little weight. You know be healthier and gain more energy and all that kind of stuff. BLEHHHH! Its not working. I mean how could it? with individuals bringing in cookies the size of frisbees. … Continue reading

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Just a moment to remember true heros.

Memorial day is coming. Day is done, gone the sun, from the hills, from the lake, From the skies. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh. Go to sleep, peaceful sleep, May the soldier or sailor, God keep. On the land or the deep, Safe in sleep. Love, good night, Must thou … Continue reading

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Dinner to impress.

Sometimes you just need an lazy way to cook something that will impress. I was expecting some company for dinner and had a million and one things to accomplish that day. So I wanted something I could basically throw on … Continue reading

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An Ent tree.

I love J.R. Tolkein. I’ve always been fascinated with his stories that take you into that imaginary world of middle earth, Hobbits and elves. If you dont know what an Ent tree is by definition Ents are a race of beings … Continue reading

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The need for Brownies

It was a long and stressful week. Friday night came and I had a craving for something chocolaty, gooey, not so great for me, but wanted it anyway type of dessert. So I started the internet search and I found … Continue reading

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