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Learning Curve

FYI- ¬†This is not a chicken. This is Charlie, a pelican of some sort. He lives in Oceanside, tricking tourists out of their bait fish. It’s a good life, and Charlie wants for little. Advertisements

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE! Too busy to post right now, as I am cooking: A baked turkey A deep-fried turkey Pear almond tart Cranberry almond tart Stuffed mushrooms Steamed green beans Cinnamon pear barley pudding Stuffing Carmelized carrots Super-spicy Spinach dip … Continue reading

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Among other things…

So, among all the other things going on this week…chiggity check out what ManBeef did this week. Final pour was on Wednesday, and let me just say: WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

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Beach Babies

This summer, Laree¬†and Family traveled to the beach—A fun experience as BamBam was old enough to remember the experience, and Chatterbox was old enough to have fun instead of being terrified of the waves. I was going to save these … Continue reading

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ManBeef is AWESOME.

Have I mentioned how awesome ManBeef is? Check out this mini-coop, built by ManBeef. Previously, the Box of Chocolates Coop had an old speaker box as a nesting box. For roosts, there were plenty of sticks under the tarp roofing. … Continue reading

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