Sparkles2307 is a contributor to The Henway.


Norman County Minnesota

All about me. Well, you’ll learn a lot about me just from Laree’s comments. She’s got a good read on me. We’re “soul sistas” who’ve never met, but that doesn’t matter, cause we’re peas in a long-distance-pod.

I’m what I like to call “well rounded”. Others refer to me using a myriad of terms, commonly including “crazy”, “weird”, “quirky”, “speshal”, “kinda crazy”….the list goes on. But, on top of the um, crazy talk, I am also known for being the one who will have the extra garden produce, makes her own butter (when I’m milking one of our black Angus cows, which is a long story), and has done “everything”. Well, almost everything. I’ve never been bitten by a rattlesnake, driven a racecar, or gone skydiving. Ok there are a lot of things I haven’t done. I’m kind of a chicken…not the brave kind like my terrific little rooster Fancy Pants either. The scared-y kind. But I digress.

I hate snow. I hate cold. I hate winter. The only time I’m happy is when I can run around barefoot and my garden is growing. Which is why I live in Minnesota??? Oi. I live in MN due to circumstances beyond my control, and because I kinda like my husband, who has spent his entire life in our house. I don’t think he’s going to cavort around the nation with me finding the optimal gardening climate. So here I sit. Apparently Minnesota agrees with me to some extent because it’s sure settling around my middle and thighs nicely.

I have two darling, precocious boys, aged 7 and 5-1/2. #1 is my little clone, its kind of creepy how much like me he is. He’s very helpful, and I am already 99% sure he’ll grow up to be a farmer, it’s in his blood. #2 is special. He dances to music only he can hear, and I’m pretty sure he isn’t hearing on a higher frequency, I think its in his head. He bounces. People call him “Bubbly” and “sparkly”. So, he’s kind of just like me too. Its scary, both of my boys are JUST like I was, but in entirely different ways…I didn’t know I had enough naughtiness in me to fill up two kids with different kinds of naughty, but it appears to be true! They are awesome kids though, don’t let all my tough talk fool you. They love to help in the house, in the barn, and in the garden. They love to be loved and to love.

I was homeschooled. I didn’t go to public school till my “Junior year” which I did twice because I was short some credits to graduate on time. Whatever, I liked high school, I would go back and do it again. Call me a freak, I know, I can take it.
We moved a lot, my whole life. My dad is a mining engineer, so we followed the coal. Montana, Washington State, Wyoming, Arizona, and Minnesota. No real pattern. We also had a lot of “free time” being homeschooled (by “we” I mean my 15 mo younger brother and my self) so there were many adventures and much exploration. I’m sure most of the places we explored we weren’t supposed to be in, but no one ever told us we couldn’t, and it was fun!

I feel like I’ve done a little of everything but not a lot of any one thing (besides laundry and diapers).

Right now we farm 100 acres, raise about 30 head of angus for beef, and I have my ducks, chickens, and gardens. I don’t work on breeding projects like the ever ambitious Laree (where or where does she get the time for all these things!?), but I do have a set of Black Copper Marans that I might work on a bit. I try to get large bodied, cold-hardy birds, since we live in the Great White North. It’s currently the Great White North because of the snow. In the summer it is the Great White North because its covered with Norwegians and Swedes. Gotta love it.

I’m sure I’ll make changes to this page over time, but for now, that’s me.


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