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I dunno what it is…

I dunno what it is, but these ladies always make me think they are up to something. I mean, look at them! Do they look trustworthy? Always lurking in pairs, whispering about their nefarious plans for world domination. Maybe I … Continue reading

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Making a Splash

Isn’t she lovely, despite the dirty look she is giving the camera? I do love the splash birds.  They always look so put together with their messy feather coloring. To me, the splash coloring looks like a wash-and-wear hairstyle.  Except … Continue reading

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Learning Curve

FYI-  This is not a chicken. This is Charlie, a pelican of some sort. He lives in Oceanside, tricking tourists out of their bait fish. It’s a good life, and Charlie wants for little.

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Spring? Summer?

Is it still spring yet?  Or is it officially summer? Chatterbox will be finishing his first year of school in  2 weeks or so, which makes me think it is summertime. On the other hand, the heat has not become … Continue reading

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Hi, Folks!

Hello folks! Remember me? The rumors of my unfortunate and untimely demise were much exaggerated. I am sorry for being absent and neglecting my duties at The Henway.  It’s no excuse for abandoning you all, but life got very, very … Continue reading

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