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Trash N’ Treasures

We live on an old farm. Old farms come with a lot of hidden treasures and long stories. I will now give you an example of each of these… a long story and hidden treasure I mean. Advertisements

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Boys and fire.

Why do those two words make mothers everywhere cringe?

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Random Adventures with Legos

Sparkles took these pictures on her last adventure. She didn’t have much to say about them, probably because she was still deaf from her kid’s repeated requests she buy them umpteenbillion boxes of Legos. Yup.  Kids are nuts. Parents are … Continue reading

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For Dummies

On our weekend in the cities, we went to the Mall of America. And we saw this:

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I’ll have mine with frosting…

ManSteak and I stayed in on Friday.  We were prepping for a weekend getaway with the kids (in retrospect I think a weekend getaway FROM the kids would have been better…) and decided to get chores done ahead of time … Continue reading

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