Boys and fire.


Why do those two words make mothers everywhere cringe?


Well, it’s spring at our funny farm, and with the new grass shoots and budding leaves comes spring cleanup.


ManSteak decided to do a final big burn on the grub piles in the pasture since he is farming those acres now.


What better way to clean up than with hot dogs, marshmallows, and friends?

Yes, we are very easily amused, but hey, its cheap and alllll of the kids sleep in the next morning!


About sparkles2307

All about me. Well, you’ll learn a lot about me just from Laree’s comments. She’s got a good read on me. We’re “soul sistas” who’ve never met, but that doesnt matter, cause we’re peas in a long-distance-pod.
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One Response to Boys and fire.

  1. Yay for fire! It brings us back to a more primal time. Always fun to burn stuff!

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