The waiting is finally over

Its finally March and the waiting for spring to arrive its finally over. It really felt like it would never get here. These beauties seemed to pop up over night.

They do put a smile on your face though don’t they? Along with all the flowers popping up other things start spouting in our household.

Its very exciting to see mother nature at work.

But veggies arent the only thing that proves spring is here. These little buggers should pop out just around Easter.

Arent those big speckely things just awesome! Their turkey eggs and from my understanding a baby turkey is cuter than a puppy!

Now who wouldnt want to cuddle a turkey? That could be another sign of spring, everyone cuddle a turkey!

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One Response to The waiting is finally over

  1. Orchid says:

    I heard that turkeys like to bite fat rolls. Not sure I’d be safe cuddling one.

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