The New Girl in Town

Look what decided to join the flock!  A pretty, pretty rat bird, I mean pigeon!

Isn’t he/she lovely?

She’s obviously someone’s pet, since rat birds, I mean pigeons, don’t look this good in the pigeon-infested city.  She is muffed (feathered feet), couldn’t fly, didn’t mind me picking her up.

“Didn’t mind” be a matter of interpretation, since she doesn’t talk.

Only the chickens talk.

Juuust kidding.  You hope.

I put her in the coop near the food and water.  She hung out all day while the chickens free-ranged.  She wasn’t in the coop when I put the flock to bed, but the next day she was back.

Since then, she’s been happily living in the coop.  When I let the chickens and turkeys out to play, she just hangs out on her perch, watching everyone run around.  No apparent desire to fly the coop, so to speak.

I did some stumping around the neighborhood to see if I could find her owner.  So far, no takers.  I suppose I will have to get her a separate cage, but if I do that, I will need to get her a friend.


Like I need more animals.

Yay for rat birds!!

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5 Responses to The New Girl in Town

  1. Algae says:

    Well, she (?) is a pretty rat bird! Never seen a rat bird that color, or with feathered feets.

  2. Robin says:

    Sounds like she’s happy where she is. She has good taste in homes.

  3. Algae says:

    911 Pigeon Alert is a Ya-hell group to help return lost rat birds to thier home. Tho they may not call ’em rat birds.

    • lareepqg says:

      Good call. Dont want to offend her owner.

      • Algae says:

        Well, I was trying to remember how the decent neighbor got the lost rat bird home, I knew it was a group or something. But then realized what I was doing – searching for “lost rat bird”. Doesn’t work so well.

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